Stats in Project MLO Edit

There are 9 stats in Project MLO:

Life - Special - Stamina - EXP+% - Strenght - Defense - Luck - Speed - Prospection

More details about a certain stat Edit


Also known as HP (hit points), if this reaches 0, it means Game over! You lose HP by taking damage from enemies, special moves that takes away HP or tiles of a map take will do damage if you are in or nearby them. You can earn more HP from: Equipments or by leveling up and select +5 HP. You can regain HP by consuming food (that gives HP back), using (or used on you) special moves that heals you or going to the healing center.

  • HP is a important stat to get a lot of it to sustain in battle. Otherwise you get gangbanged in a (mini)boss battles and might end up stuck with not-enough hp in a chapter.


Also known as FP (flower points), special moves consumes FP to be casted. Nothing happens if it reaches 0 but if casting a special move without having the minium FP to do so will NOT BE CASTED! You can earn more FP from: Equipments or by leveling up and select +5 FP. You can regain FP consuming food (that gives FP back) or going to the healing center.


A bar that will appear while running through Project MLO (which appears left under of the screen). It drains when you are running or using super run. You can earn more SP from Equipments and gain automatically SP from leveling up. You can regain SP from consuming food (that gives SP back), waiting for it to recharge or going to the healing center.

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